Northgard is a strategy game based on Norse mythology in which you control a clan of Vikings vying for the control of a mysterious newfound continent.

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About Northgard

After years of tireless explorations, brave Vikings have discovered a new land filled with mystery, danger and riches: Northgard .

The boldest Northmen have set sail to explore and conquer these new shores, bring fame to their Clan and write history through conquest, trading, or devotion to the Gods .

That is, if they can survive the dire Wolves and Undead Warriors roaming the land, befriend or defeat the giants, and survive the harshest winters ever witnessed in the North .

  • Build your settlement on the newly discovered continent of Northgard

  • Assign your vikings to various jobs (Farmer, Warrior, Sailor, Loremaster...)

  • Manage your resources carefully and survive harsh winters and vicious foes

  • Expand and discover new territory with unique strategic opportunities

  • Achieve different victory conditions (Conquest, Fame, Lore, Trading...)

  • Play against your friends or against an AI with different difficulty levels and personalities

  • Enjoy dedicated servers and grind the ranks to reach the final Norse God rank!

  • The Viking High King is murdered and his Regal Horn is stolen by a man named Hagen .

  • This event kickstarts a saga that will take Rig , his son and heir accompanied by his right-hand man Brand through the new continent of Northgard .

  • The continent where he will make new friends and foes and discover a much greater threat than Hagen , and the reasons behind his father’s assassination .

In order to complete the 11 campaign chapters , the player will have to master the specificities of the 6 first clans and tame the unforgiving wilderness of Northgard .

Since the beginning of Northgard's colonization, 4 new clans have joined the battle, introducing new ways of playing and battling.

After each additional clan release, Northgard is upgraded by free major content which add new ways to play, and allow you to discover all the possibilities that Northgard offers you.

Northgard Ragnarok

The map you’ll be playing on when choosing Ragnarok is completely devastated. Your path towards your opponents may be guarded by dangerous creatures! The center of the map is occupied by a new special tile: the Volcano

Northgard Relics

The knowledge of building Relics has just been rediscovered. Every clan can choose between 5 common Relics and each clan has one specific relic. Each clan can only have one relic per game and can only use the relic it creates.

Northgard Conquest

Northgard Conquest is a standalone game-mode that can be played solo or co-op, with a succession of various challenges offering a gaming expansion of +100 hours. The difficulty of the co-op mode will be based on strong collaboration between players.